30 Guest Blogging Stats Every Marketer Has to Know

Darlene Florrie
4 min readAug 12, 2020


It might be hard to keep track of the latest content marketing statistics. Because obviously there are a lot of them. So, we decided to concentrate on the specific part of content marketing. That said, let’s discover the main guest blogging stats.

Why did we choose this metric? Well, because guest posting is still a widely used strategy by marketers. We all know that we can strengthen brand awareness by introducing the company to a wider audience. But also, thanks to the acquired backlinks it is possible to increase rankings.

Frankly speaking, we trust in the power of guest blogging. But we just want to support our thoughts with some numbers. So, let’s see how marketers go around with guest posting.

30 guest blogging stats every marketer has to know

How many contents go to guest posting

60% of blogs write 1–5 guest posts per month. (Optinmonster)

3% of blogs write over 100 guest posts per month. (Optinmonster)

Only 6% of bloggers publish the majority of their original content as guest posts. (Optinmonster)

7% of bloggers pitch to 100 or more blogs per month. (ReferralRock)

50% of contributors reach out to for guest posts over email to 10 or fewer contacts a month. (ReferralRock)

56% of bloggers post for multiple sites. (ReferralRock)

How trustworthy guest posts are

62.96% of readers perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible. (Optinmonster)

79% of editors say guest content is too promotional. (Optinmonster)

When it is easier to pitch and post

Guest content is in higher demand in the summer months of June, July, and August. (Optinmonster)

How guest blogging correlates with the lead generation

Guest blogging strategies that helped grow 36,733 email subscribers. (Neil Patel)

Jon Cooper generated nearly 400 hits from a single guest post on Moz. (Neil Patel)

Starting with a single guest post at Okdork, Bryan Harris built a full-time business generating over $15,000 a month. (Neil Patel)

Guest posting brings 3x more leads close to conversion. (Adsy)

Guest posting influences a 75% increase in direct sales thanks to the hot leads. (Adsy)

How guest posters interact with the content

52% of guest posters personally write the post. (ReferralRock)

87% of guest posters personally come up with the post ideas. (ReferralRock)

84% of guest posters personally do the reach out. (ReferralRock)

85% of guest bloggers do the prospecting. (ReferralRock)

37% of guest bloggers are staff members. (ReferralRock)

How guest posting services can help

The guest posting service allows 85% faster guest blogging. (Adsy)

How guest blogging influences SEO

Guest blogging influences the rankings boost with 5x more weighty backlinks. (Adsy)

Guest posting ensures an 80% increase in organic and referral traffic. (Adsy)

Guest blogging allows a 174% audience extension and brand awareness growth. (Adsy)

How marketers evaluate guest blogging success

93% of editors say they use page views as a success metric. (Red)

75% of editors claim they use time on site as a success metric. (Red)

69% of editors notice they use social shares as a success metric. (Red)

How many referral traffic guest articles bring

15% of guest posts have more than 100 visits. (BloggerJet)

35% of guest posts have less than 10 visits. (BloggerJet)

50% of guest posts have from 50 to 100 visits. (BloggerJet)

How many time copywriter spends on the blog post

A typical blog post takes 3.5 to write. (Adam Enfroy)


As you can see, guest blogging is an indivisible part of the company’s content marketing strategy. Though in 2014 the former Head of Web Spam at Google told that guest posting is dead, you can see it’s not true.

Numbers show that blogging is an effective strategy to grow your site’s ranking, exposure, and popularity.

Many authors claim to increase their DA with the help of guest blogging. Yet the traffic to sites that use guest blogging techniques also increases.

One fact we cannot deny is that guest blogging requires lots of time and effort. Is it possible to optimize this process? The answer is yes.

You can use the guest posting service instead of manually searching for the publishers.



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